Undesirable allies and uncontrollable adversaries: Relations between the KKE and the NOF during the Civil War (1946-1949)

by Spyridon Sfetas

Valkanika Symmikta, 8 (1996), 211-246

The writer uses published and unpublished material in support of his contention that the attitude of the KKE towards the NOF was purely opportunistic. Bound by its conviction of the existence of a "Macedonian" nation, dependent on Yugoslav assistance, and in a hurry to recruit as many Slavonic-speakers as possible into the Republican Army, the KKE proved quite unable to curb the irredentist and propaganda activity which the NOF's pro-Yugoslav elements were carrying out among the Slavo-Macedonians. Even after these elements were removed in 1948, instead of including the Slavo-Macedonians as an organic part of the Greek nation and the Greek state, the KKE adopted the Bulgarian notion of an "independent Macedonia", which, although it fundamentally opposed Tito's dominion over Yugoslav Macedonia, committed the KKE to support the secession to the "Macedonian" people from the Greek state.

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