Languages and ethnic Groups of Macedonia in the Works of P.S. Delta

by Alexandra Ioannidou

Valkanika Symmikta, 7 (1995), 147-158

This article examines the picture of Macedonia given by the historical novels of P.S. Delta (particularly The Secrets of the Marsh), from the point of view of her presentation of the linguistic and ethnic problems in the region during the Macedonian Struggle. Taking account of Delta's sources and her earlier works, the writer discusses the continuity and development of her views on the relations between the various ethnic groups, as also her criteria for ethnic classification and how they are presented to her chiefly young readership. The writer concludes that, motivated as she was by an ardent patriotism, and despite all her efforts to record events accurately, Delta frequently blurred the distinctions between and the characteristics of the various ethnic groups living in Macedonia and the languages they spoke. Her confusion was certainly due to the particular situation that obtained in Macedonia at the turn of the century.

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