The Skete of Saint John the Baptist (Romanian)


General view

The Romanian skete of Saint John the Baptist belongs to the Holy Monastery of Great Lavra. It lies between Kavsokalyvia and Great Lavra, in a rocky and low hill. Until the mid 19th century it was a Greek Kellion. In 1857 it was sold to two Romanian monks, Nectarios and Niphon. After this it was recognized as a skete.

It is inhabited by 25 monks of Romanian origin and follows the coenobitic principle of monastic life.

The skete follows the architectural style of the Athonian monasteries, i.e. its buildings form a rectangle surrounding a court. In the center of the court there is the katholikon (central church), of Athonian style, which is dedicated to the Baptism of Christ.

The Kyriakon was built in 1866 and it is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. Within this church lies the miraculous icon of the Mother of God which according to legend was not made by the hand of man. One can also find here the remains of many saints.

In its library there are 130 manuscripts and 5000 printed books, most of them in the Romanian language.

A kalyva, a cross and a boat

A kalyva near the skete

The entrance

The Katholikon (main chuch)

The guest house (arhontariki)

The outer narthex of the katholikon

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