The Skete of Saint Anne, Minor


Skete general view

Between the Major Skete of Saint Anne and Karoulia, on a steep and rocky mountain side, the Minor Skete of Saint Anne was founded by a few monks who settled here during the 17th century. It consists of seven Kalyvae. The monks are occupied with hagiography, miniature art and wood carving. Important houses of hagiography are those of the monks Ananias and Kartsonas.

Close to the skete there is the cave in which the saintlies Dionisius the Orator and Metrophanes, the first hermits in the area, lived.

Kalyva outside view

New built chapel at Dionisius the Orator and Metrophanes cave

Kalyva at Minor Anne skete

Kalyva of the Dormition of the Mother of God (Yerasimei brotherhood)

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