The Skete of Saint Anne, Major


Skete general view

The skete of Saint Anne belongs to the Holy Monastery of the Great Lavra. It is the largest and oldest skete of Mount Athos. It is located at an altitude of 340 m in a rugged but fertile region close to the Athos cape. It was founded the last decades of the 17th century in order to preserve the left foot of St Anne, the Mother of the Virgin, brought to this region by monks in 1686.

It is a Greek idiorrhythmic skete, consisting of fifty one kalyvae inhabited by 85 monks. Some are occupied with fishing and gardening, wherease others practice hagiography, wood carving, the production of incense and miniature art. The Kyriakon was built in 1754, frescoed the same time and it is dedicated to Saint Anne. The temple hosts the relics of several saintly martyrs of the Church.

Pilgrims at Kyriakon

Skete general view

Saint Gerasimos cave

Skete partial view

Kyriakon and other kalyvae

Kalyva of the Entry of the Birth-Giver of God


Kyriakon general view

Cemetery church

Kalyva of Saint George

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