The Skete of Prophet Elijah


General view

The ceonobitic skete of Prophet Elijah is inhabited by 12 Greek monks from the Monastery of Pantokrator. Before the skete was built, within the vicinity of the monastery there were some cells of hesychast monks. In 1757 the Ukrainian monk Paisij Welitschowskij with many Moldavian and Ukrainian monks settled here and produced a remarkable body of spiritual work. The cells eventually evolved into the Russian skete of Prophet Elijah in 1839. Until 1903 the skete, with the support and the unrestrained financing by the Russian czars, developed at a accelerated rate, acquiring an extensive building complex and a huge, impressive church.

The katholikon (central church) was inaugurated in 1903. It is dedicated to the Prophet Elijah, Saint Alexandra and the Apostle Andrew. Its internal decoration is rich, however the church ihas no frescoes. There are also three chapels in the skete: Saint Metropahnes and the Saints Theopatores; the Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra; and the Annunciation.

The skete is also home the miraculous icon of the the Weaping Mother of God and the Lactating Mother of God as well as invaluable objects of worship. The skete also has quite a rich library.

The main church (katholikon)

Partial view

Interior view

Interior view

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