The Skete of New Skete


General view from the sea

The New Skete belongs to the Holy Monastery of Saint Paul. It lies near the sea, between the monastery of Saint Paul and the skete of Saint Anne. It was founded in 18th century. Within the vicinity of the skete many graves, coins and other artifacts have been found. These findings support the hypothesis that during ancient times one of the cities of Athos was located here.

Today the New Skete is Greek and follows the idiorrhythmic way of monastic life. It consists of twenty eight kalyvae inhabited by 40 monks who are occupied wuth hagiography, wood carving and farming.

The Kyriakon was built in 1760 and is dedicated to the Nativity of the Mother of God. The library of the skete is home to 200 manuscripts and 500 old printed books.

A kalyve

A kalyve

A cruiser in front of the New Skete

Mulls waiting for the visitors

Sunrise at New Skete

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