Other Dwellings


Kellion (Cell)

The cell is a spacious dwelling, with two or three floors, something like a farmhouse with a small chapel. Each cell is built into the fields of the monasteries and it held by three or more monks. These monks are occupied in farming and handicraft activities.


The kalyve is a dwelling like the kellion, only smaller. The monks live there as a family and they occupy themselves in handicrafts. Kalyvae named Kapsala are found near Karyes (55 kalyves), Little St Anne (6 kalyves), Katoynakia (15 kalyves), St Basil (12 kalyves) and Karoylia (12 kalyves).


A kathisma is even smaller than the Kalyve, and is built close to the monastery. It is held by one monk.


To the hesychasteria retreat monks who seek the most harsh and austere ascetitsm. An hesychasterion is sometimes a small hut, but more often it is only a cave. Karoulia and Katounakia are such hesychasteria.

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