The Monastery of Stavronikita


View from the sea

The Monastery of Stavronikita is located on the eastern shore of the peninsula, at an altitude of 50 m above sea level. It is the last of the monasteries built on Mount Athos and has the shape of a fortress.

It occupies the fifteenth rank in the hierarchical order of the twenty Athonite monasteries. It is inhabited by 28 monks (1990) and is coenobitic (communal).

The monastery has repeatedly been destroyed by fire in 1067, 1817, 1864 and 1879. Its katholikon is dedicated to Saint Nicolas and it was built between 1527-1536. Its wall murals were performed by the Cretan artist Theophanes. It maintains the architecture of the katholika of the Athonite monasteries. Its templon is painted by Theophanes and its theme is the Dodecaorton. Aside from the katholikon, there are six chapels inside and outside the monastery. The refectory is on the first floor of the south wing of the monastery and it is frescoed by painters of the Cretan school.

The library houses 170 manuscripts and several thousands of printed books. Into the treasure house are kept precious treasures, such as holy relics, liturgical vessels and crosses.

The tower and the domes of the katholikon (main church)

General view from the north



The entrance

General view

Outside view

The Guest house (arhontariki)

Outside View

At the sea port

At the sea port

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