The Hesychasterion of Katounakia


Katounakia general view

Not far, and at higher altitude from Karoulia, one finds the Katounakia hesychasterion. The scenery here is calmer compared to that of Karoulia. The 35 monks residing here are occupied with hagiography and wood carving.

Katounakia are world renowned thanks to the existence here of the Danieline house of hagiography, founded by the monk Daniel when he came here to practice asceticism.

There are also hesychasteria at Bigla. Kerasia, Bouleuteria and Agios Bassilios, all in remote and difficult to reach locations at the higher altitudes of Athos.

Katounakia sea port

Little church at Katounakia

Cell of Danilaioi brotherhood

Cemetery at Danilaioi brother hood

Cell of Dainilaioi brotherhood

Church at Danilaioi brotherhood

Cell at Katounakia

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